An Inspirational Success Story of Mirza Saaib Beg from Iqbal Memorial to Oxford

An Inspirational Success Story of Mirza Saaib Beg from Iqbal Memorial to Oxford

An inspirational story of Mirza Saaib Beg from Anantnag Kashmir;

Mirza Saib Baig Anantanag

His journey from Iqbal Memorial Institute, Bemina to Oxford University(Department of law), the UK with a full scholarship worth Rs. 75 Lakh. He is the first Kashmiri recipient of the Kofi Annan and Weidenfeld Hoffmann Trustscholarship at Oxford university.

Mirza is a lawyer by profession. He did his initial schooling till the 12th from Iqbal Memorial Institute Bemina. He cleared the national Common Law Admission Test and was selected for NALSAR University of law to study B.A.LL.B (Hons.). He was the first and only Kashmiri to be elected as President of the Nalsar student union bar council.

During his student years, he won many moot court competitions, debates all over India as a law student and Kashmir as well when he was representing his school Iqbal Memorial Institute. During his time in school, he was interested in nuclear physics, comparative religion, and philosophy. With the encouragement of his grandfather GM

Waiz and IMI school principal Shah sir, he used to actively take part in inter-school debates.

He was awarded the Bar Council of India scholarship as the winner and final best speaker at India’s oldest moot court competition, of the Bar Council of India Moot. He is fondly remembered by his teachers as a very bright and outspoken student. Nalsar university’s Vice-Chancellor Professor Faizan Mustafa said in a lecture to the students that he is proud that in Mirza Saaib Beg, Nalsar has produced at least one socially relevant lawyer. He was awarded the ViceChancellor’s gold medal as the Best Male Graduate with Leadership Qualities.

Mirza is the first Kashmiri recipient of the Kofi Annan and WHT scholarship at the University of Oxford. The purpose of the Kofi Annan Scholarships is to provide inspiration and honor to those in receipt of them, in recognition of Kofi Annan's deep commitment to education for the benefit of international peace, collaboration, and development. He was nominated by the Blavatnik School of Government for the Weidenfeld Hoffmann scholarship. At the initial stage, applicants are required to select this scholarship in their application when applying to Oxford University. The selection criteria look at leadership potential (demonstrable skills and qualities), academic excellence, and commitment to public service. Applicants are judged on communication skills, strategic thinking; and leadership qualities such as initiative, commitment, responsibility are also assessed.

In addition to being an experienced lawyer, Mirza is a well-known cyclist, participating in many ultra-endurance races and national competitions. He has cycled and raced thousands of miles across western, central, and southern India

in ultra-endurance campaigns, fundraising rides for the education of financially restrained students, national and local races, and inter-state tours. In 2016, 

"he was awarded the Best Upcoming Cyclist award by the Amateur Cycling Association of Mumbai. He has won many races and ultra-cycling events including the 500km Desert race"

Information Source


"250km Thar race. His ultra-cycling"

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"sebi-lawyer-on-a-1100-km-charity-ride" campaigns and fundraising"

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We hope Mirza keeps helping and inspiring young students of Kashmir and great thanks to you from the KJ Team, Have a long healthy life

Author: Furqan Ganie from team KJ

Note: This article has been originally written by the author he might have used some sources of information with due credit.

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