JKSSB Syllabus for Junior Nurse Post Written Test

JKSSB Syllabus for Junior Nurse Post Written Test

JKSSB Junior Nurse/Jr. Nurse Syllabus (Total Marks – 120): 


Anatomy and Physiology (Marks 10)

• UNIT-1 Introduction to anatomical terms
• UNIT-II Organisations of body cells tissues .organs. systems membranes and glands
• UNIT-III Skeletal system
• UNIT –IV Muscular system
• UNIT-V Cardio-vascular system
• UNIT-VI Respiratory system
• UNIT-VII Digestive system
• UNIT-VIII Excretory system
• UNIT-IX Nervous system
• UNIT-X Endocrine system
• UNIT-XI Sense organs
• UNIT –XII Reproductive system

Community Health Nursing – I (Marks 10)

• Unit- I Introduction to community Health 
and community Health Nursing
• Unit-II community health nursing process
• Unit- III Health Assessment
• Unit- IV Principles of Epidemiology and Epidemiological methods
• Unit- V Family Health Nursing care
• Unit-VI Family health care settings
• Unit- VII Referral systems
• Unit – VIII Records and Reports
• Unit-IX Minor Ailments

Fundamentals of Nursing-2 (Marks 25)

• Unit-I Introduction to Nursing
• Unit – II Nursing care of the patient / Client
• Unit – III Basic Nursing Care and Needs of the patient

Unit – IV Assessment of patient / Client Physical Assessment Physiological Assessment

Unit – V Therapeutic Nursing Care and Procedures Asepsis Care and Sterilization of:
• Care of Respiratory System
• Care of Gastro Intestinal Treact
• Care of Genito Urinary System
• Care of Skin and Mucous Membranes

Unit – Introduction to Pharmacology Nutrition (Marks 05)

• Unit – I Introduction
• Unit – II Classification of food

Medical Surgical Nursing – I (Marks 10)

• Unit – Ι Introduction
• Unit – ΙΙ Nursing Assessment
• Unit – ΙΙΙ Patho Physiological Mechanism of Disease
• Unit – ΙV Altered Immune Response
• Unit – V Clinical Pharmacology
• Unit – VΙ Nurse’s role in Management of Fluids, Electrolyte and Acid BasedBalance
• Unit – VΙΙ Management of patients in pain
• Unit – VΙΙΙ Operation Theater Technique Physical Environment, Preparation of Theatre equipment & Supplies
• Unit – ΙX Management of patient undergoing surgery, Intra operative Management, Post- operative management – Immediate and Routine
• Unit – X Nursing management of patient with impaired respiratory function and gaseous exchange
• Unit – XΙ Nursing Management of Patients with Digestive and Gastro-Intestinal Disorders
• Unit – XΙΙ Nursing Management of Patients with Metabolic and Endocrine Disorders
• Unit – XΙΙΙ Nursing Management of patients with renal and urinary disorders
• Unit – XΙV Nursing Management of patient with Neurological disorders
• Unit – XV Nursing Management of patients with disorders of connective tissue collagen disorders.
• Unit – XVΙ Nursing Management of the Elderly
• Unit – XVΙΙ Emergency Management

Paediatric Nursing (Marks 10)

• Unit – Ι Introduction
• Unit – II The Newborn
• Unit – III The Healthy Child The Infant,Health Promotion during, infancy, The Toddler, The Pre-Schooler,The School ager,The Adolescent
• Unit – IV The Sick Child
Nursing interventions adaptations in nursing care of sick child
• Unit – V Behavioral Disorders and common Health Problems during Childhood, their prevention, Medical and Nursing Management.Infancy ,Early Childhood,Middle Childhood,Later Childhood.

• Unit – VI Children with congenital Defects / Mal formations

• Unit – VII Children with various disorders and diseases

• Unit – VIII Welfare of Children

Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing (Marks 10)

• Unit – Ι Introduction
• Unit – II History of Psychiatry
• Unit – III Mental Health Assessment
• Unit – IV Community Mental Health
• Unit – V Psychiatric Nursing Management
• Unit – VI Mental disorders and Nursing Interventions.Functional Mental Disorders
Definition, etiology, signs, symptoms, medical and nursing management of:

Unit – VII Bio-Psychosocial Therapies

Somatic therapy
• Unit – VIII Forensic Psychiatry / Legal Aspects.
• Unit – IX Psychiatric Emergencies and Crisis Intervention

Medical Surgical Nursing –  (Marks 10)

Unit -1 oncology nursing
Nursing management of patients receving:

Unit-2 Nursing Management of patients 
with diseases of male genitor-urinary tract.

Unit-3 Nursing management of patients with disorders of breast.

Unit -4 Nursing management of patients with diseases and disorders of integumentary system.
Unit -5 Nursing management of patients with opthalamic disorders and diseases
Hospital cornea retrieval:
• Unit -6 Nursing management of patients with disorders and diseases of ear, nose, and throat.
• Unit -7 Nursing management of patients with cardio vascular ,circulatory and haemotological disorders.
• Unit -8 Nursing management of patient with communicable diseases 
• Unit – 9 Nursing Management of patients with sexually transmitted diseases
• Unit – 10 Nursing Management of patients with Musculo-skeletal Disorders and diseases.
• Unit – 11 Emergency and disaster Nursing.

Community Health Nursing –  (Marks 10)

• Unit – I Health system in India (Organizational set-up)
• Unit – II Health care services in India
• Unit – III Health Planning in India
• Unit – IV Specialized community Health Services and nurse’s role

• Unit – V Nurse’s Role in National Health Programmes
• Unit – VI Demography and family welfare demography Family Welfare

• Unit – VII Health Team

Role of nursing personnel at various levels
• Unit – VIII Vital Health Statistics

 Midwifery (Marks 20)

• Unit – I Introduction
• Unit – II Reproductive system
• Unit – III Embryology and foetal development
• Unit – IV Nursing Management of Pregnant Women Investigations.
• Unit – V Nursing Management of women in Labour

A. First Stage of Labour
B. Second Stage of Labour
C. Third Stage of Labour
D. Conduct of Home Delivery
• Unit – VI Nursing Management of Baby at birth
• Unit – VII Nursing management of Mother during puerperium
• Unit – VIII Complications of pregnancy and its management
• Unit – IX High Risk pregnancy and its management,Ostemalacia, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, AIDS.
• Unit – X High Risk Labour and its management
• Unit – XI Complications of Puerperium and its management
• Unit – XII Obstetric operations
• Unit – XIII Drugs used in obstetrics
• Unit – XIV Ethical and legal aspects related to Midwifery and Gynecological

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