Is It Possible to Qualify any SSC Exam in First Attempt?

Is it possible to crack any SSC  exam in the very first attempt? This is the question, which really excites most of the students and makes them insecure or overconfident about this exam

m. The answer to this question depends upon your determination and decision to be an SSC-qualified person. If you have decided that the only aim in your life is to be an officer through the exam, then this is the first and final moment, which gives you the motivation while preparing for the SSC  examination. Motivations are the key to getting success in this exam in the very first attempt.

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Tips and strategies to crack SSC  Exam

Before discussing the tips, ask yourself a question- Are toppers or selected candidates more talented than you or they read different books? I can surely say that your answer will be ‘NO’. If it is ‘YES’, then please change your mindset. No one can bring success to a defeated man.Hence, before studying anything, assume yourself as a Topper/ Winner. No Goal is too big and no mountain is too high, even the sky has its own limits.


Initially, go through the syllabus described in the SSC notification. It is the only key, which can help you a lot in starting the preparation. Skipping syllabus may lead you to study the unnecessary and irrelevant topics resulting in the wastage of time. It also helps you to identify & segregate your weak and strong topics. It is a very vital exercise and every SSC aspirant must do it because it will assist you for the whole preparation phase.

Selection of Books

Follow only one book for every section. Never get confused about the books because all books fairly have the same content on the same concept. Reading too many books can be costly and time-consuming. So, avoid it. Find some useful books to prepare for the SSC  exam.

Prepare Study Notes

During preparation, it is appropriate to prepare notes. Good notes help you understand which material is important and which material is secondary. It is observed that making notes enhances academic success. Below are some benefits of making study notes-

  1. It improves your focus and attention.
  2. It promotes active learning.
  3. It helps in comprehension and retention of the topic.
  4. It improves your organizational skills.

Hence, it is advised to prepare notes at the time of preparation. These notes will help you in revising the complex topics during the preparation and just before the exam.


Practice relevant topics more and more as prescribed in the syllabus. Allocate maximum time to your weak areas and nominal time to the strong areas. Practice reduces the possibility of errors at the time of solving the questions and increases your speed as well.

I strongly recommend that you should maintain continuity in the study and practice. Always remember one thing at the time of preparation that “Hard work beats the talent.”

Mock tests and Previous Year papers

Previous year papers and mock tests both are equally important in the SSC  exam preparation. Solving previous year papers are very necessary because it will give you an immense idea about the types of asked questions and their difficulty level. Besides this, SSC asks some questions in the upcoming SSC CGL exam as they had asked in previous year papers.

Besides this, online mock tests give you an experience of the real exam as SSC conducts the  exam online on computers effective from 2016. By practicing mock tests more and more, you will improve your solving speed, accuracy, and familiarity with the SSC online exam.

Never forget to practice any of these. Both are very essential and unavoidable for getting selected in the SSC  exam at the very first attempt.

Make study goals

Avoid studying randomly and prefer studying with study goals. A study goal is required to have SMART characteristics. To make SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Timely) goals, you should consider the following strategy in the context of SSC  Exam-

  • Prepare study goals on a short-term and long-term basis before heading to the preparation.
  • Prepare a list of relevant study tasks for achieving these goals.
  • Break down each study tasks in further smaller tasks in case of a complex task.
  • Set priorities for these tasks.
  • Prepare a timetable and schedule these tasks in the priority order.
  • Start studying.

Following these footprints, we can assure you that you can surely crack the SSC exam in your first attempt.

Stress Management

During preparation, you may feel lethargic, stressed, and bored. It is a usual sign of working hard to achieve an indispensable objective. For eliminating the stress, there are various stress management techniques. A few of them are as follows-
  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness
  • Physical exercise
  • Deep Breathing
  • Music
  • Getting a hobby

I advise you to adopt at least one of the above-mentioned activities to cope with stress during your preparation phase. These activities will surely help you in maintaining your physical and mental health.


Revisiting the previously covered topics is also very necessary. Revision is a crucial part of smart preparation strategy and the key to getting good marks. It is practically not possible to retain everything by reading it at once. Now a question arises, How to revise? The answer is the ‘Notes’. Revise the vital information through the notes, which you have prepared during the studying hours. The revision clarifies doubts and improves your accuracy & speed, which results in an enhanced confidence level and better results.

Believe in yourself

Never lose hope and do not feel dejected. Keep yourself motivated and never let yourself feel that you are not goin to make it. I advise you to read some motivational stories in your spare time. This will boost confidence in you and mitigate the self-doubting attitude.

For more details go through varies previous questions answered by me on the same topic OR you may shoot me more questions.

Best of Luck and Always be Optimistic

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